About Us

Raised on the farm, dirt beneath our feet and sun on our backs, the women in our family have long known the value of ending each day with a good hot bath and relaxing aromatic oils. We have discovered there are many other people who could benefit from the sharing of this secret.  With over a century of family farming heritage behind us, we have applied our combined knowledge of horticulture, aromatherapy, education, biology and chemistry to create Brown Barn’s spa quality hand-made bath and body luxuries. 

The Brown Barn’s goal is to help our customers create a home haven from daily stress and worries…and maybe even gain a moment’s peace.  Brown Barn products are hand-made in small batches to allow you to receive product that is as fresh as possible. 

We hope you enjoy your visit to our on-line store. 

If you are in the area, please visit our Brown Barn Outlet store! For a Google map, simple click on the "Visit us" text.

Visit us in Holcombe, WI:

At the Meadow Creek Mall, Hwy 27.  Here you will find the Flagship Brown Barn Bath store where many times items are offered at outlet store pricing. Open Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 4pm/Closed Monday.

Brown Barn, Brown Burl and Brown Barn Bath are owned and operated by The Brown Barn Company llc.  The Brown Barn Company llc is registered in the states of Wisconsin and Colorado.